The Election isn’t Over Until its Over

The Election isnt Over Until its Over

     On January 20th, our country will welcome a new president into office.  There’s a lot of legal actions going and social media commentary, so many people wonder if the election is actually over – it is.  According to the Associated Press, Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes over Trumps 232 electoral votes. Tired of the negativity from both sides, many people are saying the election is over and we no longer need to talk about it – we just need to move forward.  While Joe Biden’s win looks probable President Trump still believes he has a chance of winning due to the close counts and problems at many of the voting sites.

     Mr. Biden has stated that it is disrespectful to our voting process to put questions and doubt in the minds of the voters, but recounting votes in such a close race is also part of the process. Biden  reasons that it is disrespectful because the electoral college does not actually vote until December 14th. Also because there are legal challenges from President Trump’s administration that puts even more doubt out there regarding the direction of our country.

     In my opinion, whether or not these claims of voter fraud are true or false, it is debatable, and we need to allow these claims to be settled before anyone calls the election. Could it be that a new process for voting needs to be more than a topic of discussion before the next election – Probably.  More than likely, Mr. Biden will be elected by the electoral college on December 14th.