Getting to know Mr. Doebel


Have you ever had a teacher that made you want to be better or do better? That’s Mr Doebel’s mission. He wants to help kids succeed in life and do amazing things beyond high school. Mr Doebel has a transitional position, it’s his 6th year here. He helps the freshman get ready to succeed in high school. Next year he will be at the middle school and then he will come back here to help with more incoming freshmen. At the high school he noticed it’s more laid back here, but at the middle school they are always on the go. 

“There’s a lot of things that go on in middle school and it’s much quieter here this year.” Doebel states. 

COVID has had an effect on some of Mr Doebel’s duties. One of his duties is going and doing home visits but due to COVID he can’t do those. So instead this year they do virtual meetings before school to check up on those students and make sure they are doing good. 

Mr Doebel likes working with the kids at FDSH and he likes the staff here. 7 years ago his family moved here because his wife got a job here. A few of his goals would be to build relationships with kids, be the guy people can trust if they need to talk to someone or if they need someone there. He also has some seniors here this year that he worked with when they were freshmen and they were struggling but now they’re doing way better and he’s glad to watch them succeed. If you ever feel like you need help with something or you need someone to talk to, his room is the office right off the library in Officer Presswood’s room.