Five Senses


Malnourished frantic legs struggle across the drenched ground. Fearful breaths are inhaled sparingly with charred lungs, bringing in a cloud of inflaming smoke assaulting the flared nostrils. Burning ash from the scorched air, smokes from the inside out like a Thanksgiving Each staggered breath ignites the lungs with a profound itch and incinerating pain. The split oak pails filled with contaminated water ripping grizzled hands apart at the ragged handles. A blinding inferno rakes across the decrepit cottages, ripping apart the villagers homes. The first ancient building, the inferno’s origin, crashes with great bravado. Tarnished nails clash with a screech as timber collides with a thundering roar. Obtaining a mouthful of burnt, flame-encrusted soil, souls reluctantly cross into the entombing void.