Fiction 55

Short Stories

Fiction 55

By Fort Dodge Students, FDSH Student Body



Deep, un-found animosity runs rampant on the coarse, raw ground. Two opposing hordes of men abhor the other as they wait to brawl it out. Upon doing so, only wishing the absolute worst for the other. They despise each other, How dare they challenge me? They think to themselves bitterly. Then, the whistle blew.

                                                                                                                               ~Kadin Nekvinda~



Walking into my dim home, I feel I’m being watched… hidden eyes are staring at me from every corner of my living room. I frantically search for the light switch. “Hello? Who’s there?” I scream. I hear unfamiliar giggles and whispers from the corners of the room. The lights suddenly reveal the scene, “Surprise!”

                                                                                                                               ~Drake Callon~