Meet Our New Teacher Mrs. Dillon

Meet Our New Teacher Mrs. Dillon

Mrs Sherrie Dillon is our new Early childhood education, Child Development, Cooking Essentials, House and Home Interiors and Adult Living teacher. We have all had our struggles with COVID, but Dillon hasn’t let that stop her from enjoying her first year here.   

Dillon says, “This year has been challenging to deal with COVID regulations. In our early childhood education class we’re supposed to go out to elementary schools and see kids and work with them, but schools won’t allow it due to COVID. Previous years Dillon  worked at Butler, so jumping to high school has more of a learning curve. Trying to teach high school appropriate classes.” 

Dillon has been a teacher for 6 years, she loves to cook, garden, plant flowers, spend time with family and her grandchildren. Her mother and father influenced her to become a teacher because her mom was a teacher and her father was a principal, and she loved kids so much that she wanted to become something that would surround her with children who she can help and teach. 

Dillon has noticed that here at FDSH we have better attitudes and better behavior than the elementary students. Age does play a role in that, the elementary kids aren’t as mature as high school students. She is glad to see how good our behavior is and that students listen and don’t talk back as much as her previous students did. 

Dillon has many goals for her first year here. The first goal is to get some really well written curriculum, in the computer system. She doesn’t want a new teacher to have to come in and go through what she went through. When she came to FDSH she had to write up a whole new curriculum because she didn’t have one and that was difficult for her. Second her goal is to form good bonds with students. She wants to form bonds where the students can trust and count on her. Lastly her goal is to get to know as many students as she can. 

Dillon wants students to use the skills that she taught and put them into the real world. All of her classes will help you outside of school and that is what she wanted. She wants something that students can use to solve problems once we get out of high school.