Getting to know Principal Laird


Ashlynn Hanson

This year has been hard for everyone. With the pandemic going on it’s hard to do much of anything. Thankfully we are still allowed to go to school. 

Head Principal Mrs. Staci Laird Quotes, “COVID has made everything a lot more challenging, but the silver lining is that it’s taught us to not take for granted the things we had before”. 

This pandemic has taken away a lot of things. It ha we enjoy, it has cancelled our dances, powder puff games and really taken a toll on the seniors’ high school experience. Through it all we have fought and haven’t lost hope. Our students still come to school everyday happy and ready to learn, despite everything going on in the world. 

“Our students and staff are adjusting really well with our new Santaization COVID rules, and all COVID rules.” Principal Laird says. 

With COVID happening we have to make sure everything we touch is sanitized for the safety of students and staff. We aren’t allowed to move around the room as much due to contact tracing, and have to make sure that everyone takes precautions for their safety, but some positives have come out of this. 

“The best silver lining will be experiencing everything we have experienced is helping us understand that we should value the things we take for granted. Helping people appreciate coming to school, seeing our family and friends, and group work. Just simple things we took for granted before this happened”. Laird states. 

Laird has been a teacher for 23 years, and during those 23 years she has held every leadership role possible, and she was ready to take that jump and move forward on to something bigger. 

Did you know that Principal Laird is the first female principal? She has been a teacher here for 20 years. Laird is a Fort Dodge Native, born and raised in Fort Dodge. While in high school involved in cheer leading, and her father taught here. She loves education and loves to read, reading de-stresses her. Laird has 3 children, one is a senior at UNI, one is a freshman at Iowa Central, and the third is a freshman here. 

Laird loves to help students find their way, and she wants the incoming freshman to know,

“ Be active in something other than coming to school and going to class, find an activity, It will help you get to know someone. This will provide you with a support system to help you enjoy high school”. 

Laird’s top priority is the health and safety of our students and our staff. She also wants every single kid to have the opportunity to explore all kinds of different things and be challenged to think differently. So when they leave they are prepared for life and can use the skills they have learned here. 

Some of the struggles as being a principal Laird says are, “Hardest part is knowing that we can only make changes and focus on a finite amount of things, when there are so many things we want to work on.”

Laird wishes she could solve all of our problems, but she knows she can’t. She is going to try her hardest to solve all of the problems that she can. Connecting with students is one of Laird’s main priorities, COVID has made this difficult for her. The ways she can connect with students now are being in classrooms and attending events. She does miss the relationships she had when she was just a teacher, she learned being a principal is harder trying to make a relationship with students.