Meet Mr. Finke

Meet Mr. Finke

Sometimes it’s scary becoming a new teacher, it’s important for the students to like you, but you also need them to learn. 

I want to make sure my students are doing things right. All the students learn something whether they use that skill or not. I want to teach them skills they will use and they can make a living out the skills I teach. I want my students to take things I have taught them and have them apply it to the real world after school.” Mr. Kory Finke states.

Nowadays there are so many things you can choose to do and so many opportunities you can take and have fun with your work choices. When you use skills your teachers have provided you with you will succeed. 

Mr. Finke has been a teacher for 4 years all in total. He loves to coach, and became a teacher so he could be a coach and make a difference in students lives. He isn’t currently a coach but, hopes someday he can get back into it. Right now he teaches many different classes, he teaches Home maintenance and repair, building and trades, and a masonry class. 

“I like the Huskers and sports of all nature”, Finke says. 

This year has been one of the hardest years for our whole planet, we have the global pandemic going on right now, and we have taken a lot of precautions to protect FDSH. Many students are going to online classes and they love it. I prefer to stay in school because this way I can talk to my teacher if I have questions. 

“Trying to come into a situation that ended abruptly and finishing things that didn’t get done last year has to be the hardest thing so far. Our class is also a very hands-on class and we need the students here so they can use our tools for their assignments and to see how to use them. Online kind of takes away those students’ chances to get to use those tools.” Finke says. 

Mr. Finke cares about students beyond measure and he really wants to see the students at FDSH succeed and become amazing adults.  On top of that, he wants to see our athletes here become professional and live out their life long dreams. 

“ I truly believe that any student can do anything, I hope that we can help the students accomplish anything and what their dreams are.” Finke quotes.