Interview with Mr. Danielson

A New Assistant Principal at Fort Dodge Senior High

Interview with Mr. Danielson

Mr. Danielson isn’t new to our school, in fact, he’s been here for almost five years working as the Dean of Students and as a weight room coach, so anyone who has been to the weight room the past five years has probably run into him at one time or another. He works hard and isn’t the type to do things half-heartedly; it’s always to the best of his abilities. Coach Danielson will be greatly missed in the weight room and stated that he’d certainly miss starting and ending his days there.

Danielson values academics which is one of the reasons he took the job. He’s pretty excited about the new opportunities presented by his position as assistant principal. He said, “I like the opportunity of getting into the classrooms more often and getting to work with teachers and students.” Once again, he’ll do his part to provide us with a good high school experience, and he’ll take this year very seriously because of the way the administration has to handle COVID. He believes this will impact our whole year and wearing masks will be a part of our routines.  He values wearing his mask and says Covid-19 is taking its toll on all FDSH staff, and if the staff can wear masks and face shields all day, then we can too, not only will it protect you, but it will keep others safe as well.

“I will always be wearing my mask whether it is a requirement or not.  I believe that it’s a small effort on my part that can go a long way in possibly preventing someone from contracting the virus.”

His hope is that we’ll be able to stay in school despite the rising number of cases in Webster County but knows that going to online learning is a very real possibility. Danielson is confident that FDSH has taken the correct precautions to keep students safe and in class. He believes, “The first few weeks have gone pretty well and looks forward to the rest of the first trimester and any challenges that it may bring.”

A little piece of background information on Mr. Danielson as a person… He’s a huge Detroit Lions fan and in response to my question of where he would like to go after COVID…

“The first place that I will travel to will be to head to the Motor City and watch the Lions.”

Mr. Danielson was one of the first people I was introduced to during my 8th-grade year and he left an impression. He has a great attitude and he will do his best at working to keep everyone at school.