FDSH food pantry


Ashlynn Hanson, Staff Contributr



Are you hungry? If you answered yes you should stop and check out our food pantry! Not having food at home can be hard and lead to further struggle, but here at FDSH we don’t ever want our students to go hungry, if you, or anybody you know is low on food at home come to our food pantry. We have a variety different items.  

 Mrs Beaumont the head women’s swim coach wants students to feel comfortable she says,

“ We do not judge you here at the food pantry, we just want you guys to know its easy access and its a judge free zone.” 

Stop by anytime, we want you to feel safe and loved here at FDSH. The food pantry is beside the doc doors, if you know where the alternative rooms are located the food pantry is in there. 

Mrs Beaumont says that “it’s not only food that is available in our food pantry, we have personal care items. Such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrushes, deodorant, and many more personal care items”.

” Anybody can come at any time, the best time would be before or after school.”

 If you are wondering how we get some of the amazing items in our inventory, the answer is simple, we normally get teacher donations and  have organizations that  donate as well. We get new items in our food pantry each month. 

“If you were wondering if there is a limit to the amount of times you can go in the food pantry, there is no limit.” Beaumont states. 


Households with low incomes are less likely to have full meals or even meals at all. Please do not be afraid to come to the food pantry to get food. You, as a growing adult shouldn’t be malnourished, food is great for the mind and body!