A Class For Everyone

FDSH offers many different opportunities and classes for their students. 

Physical Education is a required credit each year for students working to graduate. 

One of the PE classes a student can take is circle of friends. (Others being regular PE, weight training, and outdoor rec. & leisure. 

According to circle of friends teacher, Sarah Plagge, the class is described as, “A modified PE class that allows full participation for all students in the least restrictive environment.” 

COF is only offered to Junior and Senior students.  

Plagge also states, “These students who have displayed good character and leadership shall take the class to help with these modifications and adaptations while building positive relationships at the same time.” 

Plagge has been teaching for a total of thirty-nine years with this being her twenty- eighth at FDSH. On top of teaching circle of friends for eight years, she also teaches a shop class, math, personal finance, and more. 

Plagge has an overall goal for the students in COF. She wants to give the students a chance to build relationships and having fun and feeling confident. 

“I love being active, I always felt like I never got to know all of the kids in this setting and this class allowed me to.” Plagge says. 

With the Global Pandemic, Covid-19, many things that have been planned for the class have either been taken out of the plan or adjusted to fit the guidelines. Some of these things include the parachute, swimming, and activities that include equipment. 

Covid-19 has also cancelled this year’s upcoming bowling special Olympics, and basketball and track & field are still up in the air. 

Plagge encourages students to, “Take the class if you can. Also if you want to know these kids, and take PE in a different setting,”