We Have an Artist At Fort Dodge Senior High!

Nature vs. Nurture?


Have you ever considered where your abilities come from? Are they innate or inherited? A very talented student at Fort Dodge Senior High doesn’t have to ponder long on that query. 

A lot of people in the Arely Martinez family draw, so is drawing inherited or not? She does not really care because she grew up around people who were talented in the area so that was where her interest in art took shape and grew. Arely likes to draw for the enjoyment of it and her favorite subject matters are Fan Art and original character art, also known as OC’s. She’s been drawing since she was five years old and likes to be creative and artistic. When it comes to drawing she draws whatever she is feeling so for example when she is happy she draws her character as happy.

 She may let how she feels influence her work but she lets the viewer interpret her art how they see it. She’s improved a lot since she started drawing so she shares her artwork online with others from time to time. When people criticize her work, she doesn’t mind because she says it helps her improve her work even more. Her long-term goal and inspiration are to be able to draw out her own story in the future.  

Do you know a friend who has a great talent? Something they do to express their artistic side? A friend who has an incredible talent? Know someone at our school who does something unique? Email me, Emily, at [email protected].