Ms. Stansfield – A Teacher We All Have Something In Common With

Ms. Stansfield - A Teacher We All Have Something In Common With

     Most of us probably never thought we’d have something in common with one of our teachers. I didn’t know I would until I sat down and interviewed Ms. Stansfield.  She shared that like many of us, she struggles with time management. 

     I absolutely loved her as a teacher because she was always very understanding; she understands that we are kids and have lives outside of school. She has high expectations and tries hard to make sure her students understand what she is teaching so that no one gets behind. She admitted that sometimes it can be tough balancing family, friends, and teaching responsibilities because they are all so important to her.   I asked her what the hardest part of her job was and she answered, “time management.”  To me, that was a very reasonable response because I, much like other students, have a hard time managing school, sports, various other after-school activities, and jobs. Just as we have to take schoolwork home she sometimes has to take work home, but still tries to spend time with her husband and three sons. Spending time with loved ones is very important to her. 

     Another thing we have in common is that this year is our second year here. She’s been teaching for 21 years and moved here to work at a bigger school. [She] “loved where the district was going with Mrs. Laird and Dr. Ulrich’s leadership.” Last year she taught English 9, English 9 Honors and this year teaches English 9, English 10, English 9 Honors, and American Literature. She loves teaching – especially American Literature because she loves the connections authors make with their own lives. For example, Edgar Allen Poe creates many connections to his life, and the world around him in his writing. She loves teaching writing because she loved to read and write growing up – she went on to share that it was an elementary teacher named Ms. Luton who made school so much fun for her. 

     She values strong connections which is why she likes having smaller class sizes. She likes being connected to her students so she hopes that online school becomes mandatory so she can keep those connections with her students. 

     We all understand that hybrid or online school is a very likely possibility for our future but in school right now the restrictions weigh heavily on everyone. “By fifth period we can tell how tired of sitting you guys are” because we can’t move in class very often if at all. Being told to sit forward all day takes a toll on everyone and no group activities almost completely take away the social and teamwork aspects of school that many love, and need to thrive.

     Hopefully, we don’t have to go online as a whole but if we do just keep in mind that teachers really will miss us in their classrooms; It was clear that Mrs. Stansfield will.