Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

by Morgan Bruns

When you look at the news and say, 

“Same old, same old…” That’s when you should know there’s a problem.

Why is discrimination becoming a normal acceptance,

And why does nobody have the voice to scream?

We have lost our voice from yelling so much

That no one can hear us. 

They then push us down

Until we can only manage a minuscule whisper

Under our tired breath.

The only thing is that they take over once more.


Why has it become common for parents to

Have to discuss with their children about how to talk to a police officer? 

Turn off the music!

Hands on the dash!

Look presentable!

Don’t argue!

And even if they are wrong, son,

Don’t even think about raising your voice.


Hands up, don’t shoot!

Hands up, don’t shoot!

Hands up, don’t shoot!

Hands up, they shoot. 


They label protests as riots trying to justify the destruction

That was made to have our voices heard. 

What is it going to take if,

I can’t breathe! doesn’t move you?

Oppression, discrimination, and humiliation,

America, “Home of the Free,” doesn’t feel like home to me. 

Who is supposed to protect us 

If the police are the ones creating the violence

Instead of maintaining the peace? 

The fight is never over.


In school they acted like the fight for black people’s rights were fixed, 

Then you look at the world and realize it never changed.

It’s not in the past, it never went away,

Yet people act like this is news.