Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Eva Baker, Featured Student

Dear Editor, 


I am writing to express my concern about the littering problem in Fort Dodge. Over the past few years, I have noticed the problem of trash that accumulates in the fields near Target and Walmart, and it’s mostly plastic bags. I feel that for an area that draws shoppers from surrounding counties, that this litter presents a negative view of Fort Dodge and presents the moniker “Dirty Dodge.” 

 Our city leaders should take it seriously and pass a ban on one-use plastic bags.  If enough businesses and citizens support this idea, they could come together and offer shoppers reusable bags as an alternative and our city would benefit greatly. 

There could also be more trash cans and recycle bins located throughout the city and signs directing where they are located and advertising to encourage citizens to take ownership of the appearance of their city.  PICA does a tremendous amount of work in the gardens and parks throughout the city to beautify our surroundings, but it is marred by the sight of garbage in the areas mentioned above.

There have been studies shown that if people see others disposing of their trash responsibly, then they too are more likely to use proper receptacles and recycle items that can be re-used.  If city management starts a campaign to clean up around town and includes businesses and community leaders, then everyone will benefit from a cleaner environment.


 Sincerely, Eva Baker