Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Cheyenne Miller-Hameed, Student

Dear Editor, 

I’m writing to you about reducing student and graduate debt. Many students and graduates are struggling to pay off their debt because of high interest rates. Some young adults feel as if they don’t have the choice to go to college because of the expenses. According to Federal Student Aid, Federal Interest rates for undergraduate students are usually 2.75% and graduate interest rates are usually 4.30%. This is an urgent problem that needs to be fixed, because in order to fulfill happiness students and graduates need to have a feeling of relief. 

To fix this problem there needs to be a boundary of a 0-3% in federal interest rates. The federal government needs to set this boundary so students and graduates can be at peace. Also another thing that can help to reduce student and graduate debt is the proposal that President Biden announced which was the cancellation that will result in $1 billion dollars in student loan forgiveness. There has been an ongoing legal review on Biden’s proposal with the Department of Justice evaluating legal questions related to the mass federal student loan cancellation. 



Cheyenne Miller-Hameed