More Than A Wrestler

Drake Ayala


Victoria Touney, Staff

Drake Ayala is an extremely well-known wrestler -in a lot of cases that’s how people know him. He has many grand skills and qualities in wrestling and in life in general, but did you know that he’s been dabbling in snowboarding? Or that he potentially wants to own his own business when he’s older? How much do you know about Drake Ayala, other than that he’s an amazing wrestler?

He’s going to the University of Iowa to pursue academics and his wrestling career, but when he views his life down the road he sees himself having “a beautiful wife with at least three kids.” Maybe when he has his family they will sit down at the table and eat a dinner of steak tacos, his favorite recipe from his dad.

Speaking of his dad and grandpa, they’re the ones who inspired him to be who he is today which many would describe as family-oriented, caring, and humble.  In regards to home life, “we will not live at home forever,” so he enjoys sitting down with his family and eating a meal, or just spending quality time together. Family is insanely important to him, and he wants to give back as much as he can. Drake has two brothers, Knox who is in the 4th grade, and Dru who is a freshman this year.  

 Treasure Island in Florida is one of his favorite spots. Maybe hiking in the mountains someday. 

Even though he’s still in high school, looking back, he said that his favorite age growing up would have to be 16 because he started driving, and it was his best highschool year. 

What does he do if he has a bad day? Good coffee or meal can make anything better, but if the meal includes a sandwich hopefully the crust is off because “no crust is better.” 

Wrestling is a huge part of his life and that is what everyone knows him by. Having a good mindset and support from family is important and necessary. One of Drake’s favorite books is Mind Gym by Gary Mack and David Casstevens, he’s glad Mrs. Adams recommended it. His take away – Trying to teach kids to have a good mindset is hard if they don’t have an example, 

“He has a great mindset on and off the mat, very grounded, humble, and level-headed. He’d make a phenomenal coach, people are already looking up to him in the room,” said coach Tom McClimon. 

Ironically, Drake is thinking about being a coach; as well as other things, but having a good mindset will help him with whichever path he chooses to take.

Drake has completed four amazing years of high school and high school wrestling with his friends and family next to him. Wrestling aside, Drake has impacted many people along the way. Many will remember him for being an amazing wrestler, but those who knew him best will remember his great work ethic and a strong grasp of family, and comfortable Champion clothes. Wherever he is headed, he has a great head on his shoulders and the support to get him through.