Guardian Angel

Second Chances

Guardian Angel

Franco Juarez, Student

The Guardian Angel story is an example of a narrative writing piece from one of the Intro to Writing English Classes.

Deja vu! ¨It’s happening again, only this time to me, not my sister.¨ In my delirium, I knew I was blacking out and I wasn’t sure what reality was, but I felt myself being carried away by an unknown person drifting to an unknown place. Looking back now, I wondered if it wasn’t my guardian angel. Why do you think I felt that it was a guardian angel? Well, let me tell you the story.

It was 1992 and I was 12 years old. I lived in a rural small town called Coquimatlan in Colima, Mexico. My family was very poor at the time, and we didn’t own a car, in fact, very few people in town owned a vehicle. My town had no actual big box stores, only family-owned local shops. Although my town lacked much civilization, the town was beautiful and as green as the Amazon rainforest, there were many natural streams and rivers that flowed through the town. Every building was very distant from each other, and in case of an emergency the nearest clinic was across town, and the problem was that we had no means of transportation. My papa was a hardworking man and he would work random jobs just to put food on the table. During the rainy season, my papa saw the opportunity to harvest corn, so he rented land. The land he rented was about 20 minutes from our house, and every day after school I would walk over to the field to help my papa. I still clearly remember the day when it all happened. It was a cold afternoon and I was helping my father clear vines and large rocks so that our land would be ready to harvest. I was moving a big rock when all of a sudden I felt a burst of pain flowing through my body. I was in disbelief as I looked down and realized what had happened. A scorpion quickly retreated back into the underground. 

“¡Papá me ha picado algo!” I screamed.

“Go home so your mother can look at the sting, as there is nothing I can really do.” He responded urgently.

 I ran to quickly get home, but on my way,  my leg started to burn and feel really hot, almost as if I was allergic to the sting. I thought back to a similar incident years before, the same thing happened to my sister. My sister and I were playing outside, and there were many large rotting tree trunks. My sister lifted a trunk and that’s when a scorpion stung her. My parents didn’t really realize the seriousness of the situation and didn’t really know what to do. They tried to heal her with homemade remedies, and medicine, but it was no use. Two hours later the sting only worsened and that’s when they realized that they needed to get her help quickly. The nearest hospital was an hour away by horse, our only transportation, but it didn’t matter, it was too late. On the way to the hospital, traveling by horse, my sister died. Shortly before her passing, her last faint words were,

     ¨Don’t take me anymore, I’m going to die.¨  Almost as if she gave up and the only thing keeping her alive was her hope. She was only seven years old.

 I almost cried as I realized the severity of the situation and my fear of death. That’s when I decided that I wasn’t going to make it home, and I should start heading towards the clinic. So, I started walking towards the clinic across town, and I remember suddenly feeling the warmth spread through my body. I felt the urgent need to get cooler, so I walked towards where I knew there was a water stream. By that time, I was in a very delusional state and my body was slowly giving up on me. I was exhausted, and I decided to sit down by a large tree with shade. A teardrop ran down my cheek as my eyes closed, then everything went black. I remember hearing the thumps of a horse’s hooves on a dirt path, I saw a shadow of a dark man and a dark horse, but I couldn’t move. The next event that I can recall is waking up in a hospital room connected to many tubes, and my family looking down at me clearly worried, but happy that I was ok.

 “How did you manage to get to the hospital so quickly?” My mama asked. “A man on a horse brought me here.” I tried to explain a little fuzzy in my thoughts. 

Nurse, how did Ramiro get to the hospital? My mama asked. A kind nurse replied, “a man wearing dark clothes, carried him in and simply said that he found him sick on the side of the road. The mysterious man didn’t even leave his name, he decided to stay anonymous, and he quickly rode off on his horse”

 My family was shocked but very grateful. We had no answer, as to who that man was, we could only speculate.

Once I fully recovered, I tried to look for the mysterious man, but I never found him, and looking back now I wonder if it was my guardian angel. Looking back at this situation, I realize how I could have possibly died out there by myself, and I felt like this event was a second chance at life. After this, I never take anything for granted, and I feel blessed to be alive. I will forever push to be the greatest person I can be, and I cherish the second opportunity that my sister never had.


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